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Brown Advantage
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BOSS System
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BOSS Advantages

  • Reduced Footprint by 49%

    Improved Fruit Handling

  • Reduced free fall fruit drop
  • No recycled fruit
  • Enhanced Extractor Efficiencies
  • Approx. +12%

    Less Equipment

  • Eliminated distribution belt
  • Eliminated return fruit elevator
  • Eliminated return fruit system
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced energy
  • Reduced Clean-up
Reduced Surface Area

  • Improved design to save time and chemicals
  • Chemical recovery capabilities
  • Automation / Other

  • Electronic Load Monitoring (ELM) of extractor

  • Safety

  • Less contact with moving equipment
  • Reduced hand cleaning
  • boss close up

    Extraction and Finishing

    fruit juices


    • Highest quality & yields
    • Lower bitter components
    • Higher color score
    • Lower native oil content
    • Reaming provides more whole cell sacs


    • Industry preferred & recognized as superior quality
    • Larger in average particle size
    • Higher percentage of floating cells


    Fruit Characteristics

    NFC Graph