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Brown International has been equipping food processors since 1947. Specializing in industrial fruit and citrus processors, Brown industrial processing equipment uses clean-in-place technology to meet the highest standards in food machinery.

With plenty of competition, the best way to compete is to offer the best product and the best customer service. At Brown, our goal is to provide high quality citrus processing equipment, including industrial citrus juicers and citrus oil extractors for fruit processing plants worldwide.

When you call Brown International, you will speak with experienced customer service representatives who can help you with:

  • Support issues, advice and referrals.
  • Options for new and used equipment, machinery and installation including written quotes and proposals.
  • Discussing the advantages of leasing equipment to meet your needs.
  • Determining order status, prices and availability of machines and parts.
  • Detailed information about each step of the Citrus Processing System.

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Citrus Oil Extractor The Brown Citrus Oil Extractor uses technology to adjust to changing citrus fruit conditions. The Brown Citrus Oil Extractor continually removes citrus peel oil while leaving the citrus fruit itself intact. The resulting free citrus oil mixture reduces centrifuge requirements and eliminates the need for post processing. No enzymes are needed to produce 100% pure citrus oil in a span of 15 minutes.


Industrial citrus processing equipment Brown Citrus processing equipment is designed for maximum efficiency using the BOSS (Brown Optimized Smart Space) System. The BOSS System improves citrus processing throughput by monitoring feed rates to each citrus extractor, adjusting as needed for efficient fruit processing. BOSS is fully automated, offering instant data collection and analysis. BOSS Systems integrate clean-in-place technology to maintain sanitation levels throughout the entire citrus processing system. Reduce man-hours and increase efficiency and quality with the BOSS System.


Industrial Citrus Juice Extractor Brown International's extraction systems produce the finest tasting fresh and concentrated juice products. The reaming principle used in our Premium Juice Extractors is very similar to a hand reamer used at home. Brown extractors use special air cushioning leaving the peel intact, minimizing oil and off-flavors from entering the juice. The result is a fresh squeezed juice with pure flavor, vibrant color, juicy pulp and low peel oil.


Industrial Finishing Equipment Brown's Model 6000 finishing technology ensure the high yield and quality produced by the citrus juice extractors. Centrifugal force, paddle and screw methods are used to separate juice and pulp while minimizing pressing and shearing. Brown finishers maintain significantly more whole pulp cells, while reducing bitter components that can dilute juice quality.


Industrial Processing System

  • 30+ years experience.
  • 1976 - First juice room automation.
  • 1981 - First fully computerized plant automation.
  • Fruit receiving, conveying & bin control
  • Oil extraction & oil mill processes
  • Juice extraction & line optimization
  • Finishing and pasteurization
  • Centrifuge & TASTE evaporator controls
  • Tank farm (concentrate & NFC) CIP, waste water & caustic recovery