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Service specialist and technician are available to assist with customer needs ranging from installation, maintenance, and overhaul of various equipment and machinery.

Understanding the conditions:

Producing the right product requires a comprehensive understanding of the fruit, operating conditions and influential variables. Brown Engineering and Technical Service personnel continuously apply our vast knowledge of these parameters to our machinery and systems. The benefit is uncompromised performance.

Dedicated to exceeding your goals:

When Brown becomes part of your team, you can depend on our superior service and support. Along with available on-site mechanical and systems support, Brown’s expert Technical Service, Machine Specialists and Construction groups provide a wide variety of additional services.

  • Plant Auditing, Process and Product Analysis
  • Operator Training
  • Construction and Fabrication Services
  • Control, Automation and Data Collection System
  • Expert, On-Site Mechanical Service
  • Process Design, Operation and Support
  • Precision Machine and Component Manufacturing
  • Mechanical, Laboratory & Technical Training
  • Machinery and Systems Engineering


Areas of Service and Support

  • Electrical / Mechanical
  • Technical
  • Electronic Controls
  • Construction
  • Extended Services

  • Onsite Service Personnel
  • On call 24/7
  • Based Locally
  • Remote Access Capabilities
Experienced Personnel

  • Assist Customer with Electrical, Mechanical and Technical
  • Food Quality Standards
  • Active in Worldwide Citrus Community
  • HACCP Certified
Extended Services

  • Assist Customer with Electrical, Mechanical and Technical Services
  • Formal Equipment and Use Audits
  • Regular Process Monitoring
  • Training
    • Process
    • HAACP Certified

Strategic Alignment

  • Strategic and Tactical Meetings
  • Review Metrics and Establish Goals
  • Customer Driven Priorities Measured by Customer Satisfaction