Extracting excellence.

At Brown, we don’t just build solutions. We build relationships. We partner with you and provide a diverse range of engineering and technology expertise to put you in control of your processing operations.

The world experts in citrus processing.

When it comes to citrus processing, Brown is your trusted leader. Equipping food processors since 1947, our history of innovation and continued commitment to food science has made us the experts in the industry.

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Why our customers choose Brown.

What we offer:

As the leading supplier of industrial processing machinery and equipment, Brown’s citrus system includes juice and oil extractors, finishers, by-product recovery systems and plant processing control and information systems. We offer non-citrus solutions as well.

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Expertise in citrus food science

Unmatched knowledge in any citrus food science application.

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Extensive non-citrus applications

Over 200 applications to meet any requirement.

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Engineering services that go beyond

700 machines. 25 countries. Every solution.

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Customer-focused approach

We partner with you to put you in control of the process.

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Uncompromising service and performance

We are committed to engineering excellence.

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Our customers include:

We put you in control of your operations.


Brown is committed to leveraging our innovation, expertise, and experience to create custom solutions that put you in control of your process. We don’t just believe in excellence. We engineer it.

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